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CRDT Tours

A unique way to explore Cambodia

Who we are?

CRDT Tours is a distinguished social enterprise dedicated to orchestrating transformative travel experiences in Cambodia. Our meticulously curated tours revolve around the pivotal themes of development, conservation, culture, history, health, and psychology.

Crafted with precision, our tour packages aim to seamlessly blend learning, enjoyment, relaxation, adventure, and a profound sense of responsibility. We offer an immersive journey into Cambodia's rich tapestry, delving into its cultural intricacies through distinctive elements such as homestays, encounters with nature, temple exploration, and meaningful interactions with its vibrant people.

Embark on a voyage with CRDT Tours, where every moment is a synthesis of education, recreation, and a deeper connection with the heart of Cambodia's heritage.


Our Activities

CRDT Tours was founded with the mission of addressing poverty and environmental degradation in Cambodia. In pursuit of this goal, we established Community-Based Ecotourism (CBET) as an alternative livelihood for marginalized communities along the Mekong. This initiative aims to alleviate their reliance on natural resources and mitigate detrimental practices such as overfishing, illegal logging, and other environmental pressures.

Our commitment extends beyond the establishment of CBET; we actively engage in setting up, building capacity, and promoting these community-based ecotourism ventures to the global community through our educational and responsible travel programs. Notably, 100% of our profits are reinvested back into the development of these communities, fostering sustainable growth and positive socio-economic impact.

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Our Team

We are a team of Cambodians with roots deeply entrenched in the countryside of Cambodia. Fortunate to have received an education, we are driven by the desire to leverage our educational background to create opportunities for others.

Our Values

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"I had an amazing time with CRDTours. The home-stay experience was unforgettable and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable."

Scott Lowe

"CRDTours offers a unique and authentic way to explore Cambodia. I highly recommend them!"

The Robertsons

"Thank you CRDTours for an unforgettable adventure. We will definitely be back!"

Jody and Tom Larson

Parts of our memories

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“Travel is rich with learning opportunities, and the ultimate souvenir is a broader perspective.“

Rick Steves

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Address: St. Preah Somramrith, Psar Veng village, Sangkat Kratie, Kratie Town, Kratie Province, Cambodia. Pox 10109 | +855 99834353

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