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Pre-arranged tour package

This is our small tour package designed for private independent travelers and groups who want to quickly explore the province of Kratie and others. It was built based on our many years of experience within the region to provide an authentic local experience in our target communities. Below, you can find packages ranging from half day to 2days, exclusively for your group, accompanied by our experienced tour guide.

Anchor: Kratie Provinc

Kratie province

Embark on a captivating journey with CRDT Tours as we unveil the hidden gems along the Mekong River in Kratie province. Explore three enchanting communities—Koh Tnoat, Koh Phdao, and Koh Chraeng—each offering an immersive community-based ecotourism experience. At the heart of our adventure is the thrilling opportunity to witness majestic dolphins gracefully gliding through the Mekong River, providing an unforgettable encounter and lasting memories. To truly immerse yourself in the local way of life, choose a homestay within these vibrant communities, offering a unique place to rest and a connection to the rich cultural tapestry of Kratie province. CRDT Tours takes pride in providing a one-of-a-kind experience that goes beyond conventional tourism. Join us in exploring the beauty of Koh Tnoat, Koh Phdao, and Koh Chraeng, where every moment becomes a part of your extraordinary journey in Kratie province.

Anchor: Stun Treng Province

Stung Treng Province

CRDT Tours began operating in Stung Treng Province in 2008. We established a community-based ecotourism project called Koh Preah, situated in the middle of the Mekong River, approximately 35 km south of Stung Treng Town. Our parent NGO, CRDT, has been working to provide alternative livelihoods for the local community, aiming to alleviate the pressure on them to engage in forest logging and fishing in the Mekong, which can harm dolphins at times. CRDT Tours introduced the Koh Preah Homestay to generate additional income for the local community and promote their culture to tourists. Koh Preah boasts an amazing lifestyle, especially its food, and beautiful scenery due to its location.

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